Why did a Black Composer Address a Musical ODE to The Bronx, New York City, LaGuardia Airport,and (TSA) Transportation Security Administration?


Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Go to the above URL address and find the Social Media Blog. Year 2017. A special thank submitted by Donald eecom Ellison on Thursday, 2017-08-24. time 15:58. After you read the Blog story with the regards of Special Thanks coming from a Blackman. The LaGuardia Airport Security, and the TSA help me so professionally, you would have addressed a thank you via musical medolies. That if you are a composer. Now. This is why Musical Ode: Bronx, New York was dedicated to New York . I am still saying Thank Y’all. Go ahead and listen to it below. We hope you enjoy.



Topic: Testing your eye sight observations.

A page specifically for you to see. Notice the chicken scratch drawing. But there are three objects that were not the intentions of the author. 1.look up to your right. A natural looking picture. 2. look left in the middle, notice the face of a man winkling one of his eyes. 3. look straight down. You will see a man like object lying on the ground. Many more mystery sites similiar to these in the “Mystery Book”

The Hand Written Mystery Book shows some of the contents in the book. The hold entire book have some phenomena that have not been published. The author utalizes some of the chapters into Manuscripts. Which have been published. The illustrations in the book mostly consist of mystery pictures. Theses pictures designed themselves on their on.Example, the author mixes all kinds of colors together more as abstracts intentions for old ancient designs, but colors did not take the intentions but instead formed their own courses. This is how the book gained its title ” EECOM and The Mystery Book. The book contains Mystery Sites. Look at the old castle design building. Notice in the window, there is a face of a man looking out of the window. Notice the next picture with the cabin in the woods. Watch closely, there is an image of a man standing in front of the door. The chicken scratch drawing of the cabin is the author’s drawing. But some how, a natural site of a man standing in the door like it was taken with a camera of a real man.

Nevertheless, the author went from there as becoming a Mystery writer. As the slide show begins, watch for the natural objects look compared to the chicken scratch drawing from the author. The Mystery Book was Created during the year of 2008. For ten years, the author has been writing Mystery Stories.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” Gives his best Regards to The Farm Industry.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” voyages over the North America Continent. He noticed alot of farmlands. He realized that Mankind needs food. Food is the major energy source for Mankind. He gives his comments: The Most outstanding Industry of this Globe is The Farm Industry. The Most Outstanding Laborer are The Farmers, and Local Food Growers. And his last Regard is, Does Mankind Realizes That?

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” makes a Comment on The Row Turnips and The Furrow Turnips.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” comments on the Parable Story of the Turnips born on Top of the Row, and the Turnips born in the Furrow of the Row. Stating,”There’s a time when Mankind stands up with Courage and Fight Back.”

Phenomenal Science Catergory: “eecom”The Scrutinizer” Probeing Satellite System.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” Probe Satellite System. Notice how it moves around in wide range circles. Each light blink has a different color. The background music was attached to the Vedio by us. The Theory is that this Probe is Probering the Seven Continents. Some viewers states,” While the Seven Continents are using mordern Technologies to probe the Globe themselves, some thing out there is probing them. In your on opinions, you might say, is this Fiction or Non Fiction? That is the question.

The Guilts of The Thumbs Down.

This is the Revised speech where “eecom” The Scrutinizer” makes it


comments: 1.Why did the Primary Speech at this time had a Thumbs Down? According to ,”eecom”The Scrutinizer” observation, the listener is a Dome System-A. He realized that the Turnips on Top of the Row refers to him. The Speech is innocent. It did not Descriminate no one who listen to the Speech. They identified themselves without focusing that this possibly could be me. The Turnips on Top of the Row. They just acted as we expected through our observation on how mankind react to something pertaining to them. Therefore, we scrutinized that this person is a Dome System-A. Who is a dominator, taker, and who is designed to corrupt the movements of the world. “eecom” The Scrutinizer” steps in and tell the World” There’s a time when Mankind must Stand up with Courage and fight back. Continue reading “The Guilts of The Thumbs Down.”

By listen to the Narrative Productive II, and listen to the Founder Speech,There is a catch The Founder Speech have a Thumbs Down in it through the Listeners. Then we can determine whether this Listener is a Dome System-A. Not a Dome system B. Besure to click on the little Arrow to the top Right for more briefly details.

Now by listen to the Founder Speech, after the brief details from the above Vedio, you will see how we have observational ways also to determine whether the Thumbs Down results by listen to the Vedio is a Dome System-A. A system that represents that they are the Turnips on Top of the Row. Not the stray Turnip in the Furrow of the Row. Therefore, our Scrutinizing approach is on task. Besure to notice how many Thumbs Down compared to Thumbs Up. It affects the Dome System-A before they realize what is happening.

Now listen to the speech again. And notice how many Thumbs down. The previous Vedio should put you on the right Track.

The Veen Diagram below illustrates the Theory of “eecom” The Scrutinizer” explains that there are two kinds of Mankind. Dome System-A and Dome System-B. (Dome System means Head or Brain System of Mankind). He also based a Theory regarding How Alzheimer is developed. According to “eecom” The Scrutinizer”, Mankind is born with the phenomena. By observing the Vedio footage below, Dome System-A would be the candidate for this phenomena. He also stated in his Theoretical observation that you can see the Systems in the growing of child hood. Leave your comments.

The EECOM Evangel Produce: Location, 614 East State Line Rd, Junction City, AR, 1705 Bayou St. Monroe, LA, 100 East McKinney ST. Eldorado, AR, and 668 Ellison Rd, Strong,AR. Come out and get your produce. Your Donation will be Appreciated.

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