The Guilts of The Thumbs Down.

This is the Revised speech where “eecom” The Scrutinizer” makes it


comments: 1.Why did the Primary Speech at this time had a Thumbs Down? According to ,”eecom”The Scrutinizer” observation, the listener is a Dome System-A. He realized that the Turnips on Top of the Row refers to him. The Speech is innocent. It did not Descriminate no one who listen to the Speech. They identified themselves without focusing that this possibly could be me. The Turnips on Top of the Row. They just acted as we expected through our observation on how mankind react to something pertaining to them. Therefore, we scrutinized that this person is a Dome System-A. Who is a dominator, taker, and who is designed to corrupt the movements of the world. “eecom” The Scrutinizer” steps in and tell the World” There’s a time when Mankind must Stand up with Courage and fight back.

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  1. That person with the Thumbs Down either misinterpreted the Global Speech ( a motivational speech) or just one of the Turnips on Top of the Row. This let you know that these people looks for the strays to use for themselves. And have no mercy.

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