Topic: Testing your eye sight observations.

A page specifically for you to see. Notice the chicken scratch drawing. But there are three objects that were not the intentions of the author. 1.look up to your right. A natural looking picture. 2. look left in the middle, notice the face of a man winkling one of his eyes. 3. look straight down. You will see a man like object lying on the ground. Many more mystery sites similiar to these in the “Mystery Book”

The Hand Written Mystery Book shows some of the contents in the book. The hold entire book have some phenomena that have not been published. The author utalizes some of the chapters into Manuscripts. Which have been published. The illustrations in the book mostly consist of mystery pictures. Theses pictures designed themselves on their on.Example, the author mixes all kinds of colors together more as abstracts intentions for old ancient designs, but colors did not take the intentions but instead formed their own courses. This is how the book gained its title ” EECOM and The Mystery Book. The book contains Mystery Sites. Look at the old castle design building. Notice in the window, there is a face of a man looking out of the window. Notice the next picture with the cabin in the woods. Watch closely, there is an image of a man standing in front of the door. The chicken scratch drawing of the cabin is the author’s drawing. But some how, a natural site of a man standing in the door like it was taken with a camera of a real man.

Nevertheless, the author went from there as becoming a Mystery writer. As the slide show begins, watch for the natural objects look compared to the chicken scratch drawing from the author. The Mystery Book was Created during the year of 2008. For ten years, the author has been writing Mystery Stories.

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