$5000.00 Reward for the Priceless Gem

Collective Jewelry

Collective Jewelry: Value: Priceless:
“eecom” And The Mystery Book. Value: Priceless.: Lost If found, A $5000.00 Reward. Be on the look out. Both items were in traveling bag. Bag where left in taxi cab. If you run a cross these items, you may Email us: Board@eecomfoundation.org or Call- 870-797-2797 departed from Howard Johnson Motel Bronx, 1921 Boston Rd. to Laguardia Airport on August 24, 2017. 


Coming Soon!! The Science Fictional Narrative Production.

Mocee Nosille (Moh-See Noh-Si-Lee) A fictional character who is acting the role as “eecom” The Scrutinizer” Officer. He is identified as the one with the blue hat.
Meoce Elsonil (MEE-Oh-See El-Soh-Neel) who is the fictional character playing the role of another officer of “eecom” The Scrutinizer”. The straw looking hat is his identity.
“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat. 

WINDOW: what sites does Mankind looks for through the window?


Window. Property of EECOM Foundation

Looking through and beyond the sites from the window. Should Mankind look beyond the sites through the window? Or should Mankind look from the sites through the window? Some would say, we look for what we want to see from the sites through the window. Others would say, we look for what is shown to us from the sites through the window.

Window. Property of EECOM Foundation

Narrative Production II, “eecom” The Scrutinizer” What’s your opinions? Is it Fiction or Non Fiction?

This piece of Vibrated Tones “eecom” The Scrutinizer” Scrutinizing is used in the Narrative Production Utalized as a scanning instrument Scrutinizing the Dome Systems. Notice the lower tones are acting as a pulse and the upper tones are acting as a Scanner. This production was taken from the Manuscripts: “eecom” The Scrutinizer”, and “eecom” and The Dome Systems of Mankind. All Rights Reserved.

Mr. Mitchell C. Carr ! Congratulation! The Co-recording Sponser of EECOM Music Studio, Inc. has been granted a permission contract to Rearrange the selected piece of music below. Title: “Just Follow The Star”, and Subtitle: ” Musical Ode: Bronx, New York City” in his own creative way. Mr. Mitchell C. Carr has been the Recording Artist for EECOM Music Studio,Inc. since the year 2015.Copyright No. (PAu003897402) All Rights Reserved

Mr. Mitchell C. Carr looks at his Granted Permission Contract.

Mitchell C. Carr and Son
Mitchell C. Carr
Mitchell C. Carr
Co-recording Sponser
Mitchell C. Carr

Original Sounds of the composed piece of work. Title:”Just Follow The Star” Subtitle:”Musical Ode: Bronx, New York City”