“eecom”The Scrutinizer” discusses Cancer.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer”

“eecom” The Scrutinizer’

discusses the theory of what causes Cancer.

He states that Mankind don’t Sweat or Perspire enough to discharge the fluids that are stored in the body cells. The pores in your skin are there for a reason. They were designed to pass the toxic fluids that are stored in the body cells. Urines and Bowl movements are not all the movements of discharging waste fluids. If the waste fluids stays in the body cells too long, it will create a Funguslike Organism like Slim Modes, and Water Modes which do not belong to Kingdom Fungi. Which grows best in a warm, moist environment. Which the body of mankind produces a warm environment. These Funguslike Organism migrate through the blood stream looking for a home to live. And the most common home will be the Ligaments of the body. These Funguslike organism creates a thing called Cancer. They form in the Ligaments of the Guts, Breast, and Lungs. His final statement was mankind should SWEAT as often as they SHOULD.

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