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HOW Aliens Breathe

Before we go into details, we would like to give you a brief summary on how different living things breathe on planet Earth. Also, on natural or established process on making air or oxygen.1. Breathing Mechanism: A system of parts working together wheather natural or established process.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer’

Human breathe by inhale. Air is sucked in through your nose or mouth.

Fish breath by taking water into its mouth and forcing it through the gills passages. It dissolves oxygen.

Air Breaks compressed air powered by an engine that allows air from the storage tank to flow into a cylinder. (Internet research)(credit)

How Aliens breathe? According to “eecom” The Scrutinizer”, theory, the Aliens that have the long head design have their own breathing Mechanism in their Head. A similar device like the air break mechanism. It creates air and pushes it through their body system and releases it through their nose like system. Therefore, Aliens can survive anywhere in the Universe. On the surface of a planet or down in the deep waters. This should explain why Aliens chooses the oceans of planet Earth for their nesting place. But why they choosed the earth? They considered that waters of the earth have its own world. A world of living organisms. But why not mankind Radar Systems Dectector don’t pick them up through their radar system? It is because their space craft outter layer Revolves. It spins and radar systems don’t have the chance to focus on an object that spins. It gets confused. And it lets the spinning object alone. Will they invade the planet Earth?  At this time NO!! They have found  a place suitable for them which are the waters of the earth. Whereas mankind will call it the New Earth. Do they observe the surface of the earth? YES!! They observe all of the continients and nations that dwells on them. But why they want attack? They are allowing mankind to destroy their ownselves through the domination of control. Remember, control only last awhile. Awhile can be a Thousand years.

Psychics and Alzthiemer

The Brain Systems or Dome Systems.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat.

According to “eecom” The Scrutinizer,” all Dome Systems are not fully equal. (Brain) He states that the dome system are divided into two categories. Dome System-A, and Dome System-B. But of course all dome Systems have equal amount of organs. But dome system-A has a dominating extra sense. Where as dome system-B has a mild normal extra sense ability. He does agree with the internet quotes that the brain is only the body control center. But there is an organ in the brain or dome system that was designed for outter connection that is connecting with other dome Systems. Mankind is born with the dominating extra sense as well as mankind is born with a some what normal mild extra sense ability. Which he calls minding your own business extra sense. The dome system-A is more likely to be a Psychic.(ESP extrasensory perception). The abilities to Hack into other dome Systems. Also, the abilities to create or move objects. Now don’t look down on the dome system-B. They have an extra sense ability as well. Their abilities are to feel or analyze an effect from a cause. But as dome system-A grows older, or break down at an earlier age, the organ that produces a dominating  probing from other dome Systems goes into a breaking down or losing the abilities to function goes into the Stages of (Alzthiemer.) They are lost and have nothing for them to function from. Because they feed off of other Dome Systems. (Thoughts for today’s reading.)

The New Discovery of The Dome Systems (head or Brain System)

The new discovery of the Dome Systems (Head or Brain System)

Mankind have been studying the dome Systems of mankind ever since it was a beginning. It was detected that the dome have five senses. Sight, Hear,Smell,Taste and Feel. All of them can only produce two emotions. Like or Not Like. Example: what you see, it produces a desire or non desire. This creates a Cause or thought. But according to “eecom” The Scrutinizer”, there are many more files or organs that accommodate mankind as well not mentioned above. Although, mankind have known about the extra file or organs known as the six sense. OK good. Mankind knows it work but can’t really figure out this Phenomena. How it connects or communicate with other dome Systems. He calls the extra sense a transmitter that sends and receive. The Functional,Spirit,or Electrical Energy will be used often but means the same. They most certainly don’t soak through the skin. It travel through air (Yes). As mankind breath, they are transmittting the Functional as well. It travel through blood stream just as oxygen in the blood. It rides to the dome system and find its place in the extra organ for its destination. If the receiving dome system rejects the attachment, it will reply back to the sender dome (out side dome( through releasing oxygen as they exhale oxygen. It travels back through air to it creater. We will stop here. The world is not ready yet.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat.


The Aliens…. (Beware), According to “eecom”The Scrutinizer” Theory.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” states, mankind should keep their guards up at all times. We are quite sure that they are here since history goes back years for spotting Aliens. Nothing has happened yet so we say. Their observations are not just going on an Earthy tour. They have discovered a new world for themselves just as mankind are searching for new planets for their conveniences as well. But mankind curious thoughts are the invading from them to gain control. But while mankind are waiting on an action from them on one thing or more, they could be tampering with the waters and the Farm Industries. The theory of Spraying Chemicals.(Food Supply)(Beware).

The Aliens are here. And more are coming

The Alien are  here.

And have being here.Their purpose are to study a new planet. My readers, there are life outside the Globe we resides on. What you mean? We mean the same Functional ( spirit) that made mankind on this Globe is the same Functional (spirit) that created life on other planets.(outter world). How did you draw this Theory? By utalizing a universal communication by a technique of Vibrated Sounds. The author composed a specific piece of sound  of Vibrated tones and it lead  the meditation to drift into the Beyond. Even though, the Alien can pick up Radar Signals but still can’t interpet. But all living creatures in this world or out of this world can interpret pleasing sound or non pleasing sound. But what we must realize, so far we have discovered two kinds of Aliens. The ones with the Bubble tenanted eys are from a world of hot climate. They can view the Sun  and voyage through the sun with no problem. Therefore, heat is their atmosphere. Such as the Sun, and any other dry hot planet. The second one(Alien) we have observed is the human like face profile, but has the image of a dog but more human look. These Aliens are from a mild climate like earth. But are looking for a new world like mankind is on Earth. We will stop here and allow readers to focus on what is going on. Hint. They are looking for the same thing as mankind is looking for. What? A new world. Below, look at some of the photos. They are as close as we can get of what we have observed. It will give you a leading thought of what they look like. ( Internet Capition). Ideal of the image. Not exactly, but close to our transitional meditation.

Alien writing. Similar to Kanji symbolic writing. But not Kanji writing. This is the closest example we can illustrate of some Alien writing. There are several types of Aliens out there in the outer would. All of them don’t have the visual profile of big bubble tented eyes. Are looks like Skelton shape mankind body form. Some look identically human or mankind in the facial profile, but the top of the head, their hair like designs are more like a furry animal and it hang down over the ears like a hair style. We also saw a form of writing looks similar to the above. More details later.
This image was taken from the internet. A closer look ideal of what we are trying to show. Although, it is still not the exact image of what was seen real. But an idea of what we are trying to describe. But on top of the image head, there were either a furry hat or their hair or fur on the top of the head.