The New Discovery of The Dome Systems (head or Brain System)

The new discovery of the Dome Systems (Head or Brain System)

Mankind have been studying the dome Systems of mankind ever since it was a beginning. It was detected that the dome have five senses. Sight, Hear,Smell,Taste and Feel. All of them can only produce two emotions. Like or Not Like. Example: what you see, it produces a desire or non desire. This creates a Cause or thought. But according to “eecom” The Scrutinizer”, there are many more files or organs that accommodate mankind as well not mentioned above. Although, mankind have known about the extra file or organs known as the six sense. OK good. Mankind knows it work but can’t really figure out this Phenomena. How it connects or communicate with other dome Systems. He calls the extra sense a transmitter that sends and receive. The Functional,Spirit,or Electrical Energy will be used often but means the same. They most certainly don’t soak through the skin. It travel through air (Yes). As mankind breath, they are transmittting the Functional as well. It travel through blood stream just as oxygen in the blood. It rides to the dome system and find its place in the extra organ for its destination. If the receiving dome system rejects the attachment, it will reply back to the sender dome (out side dome( through releasing oxygen as they exhale oxygen. It travels back through air to it creater. We will stop here. The world is not ready yet.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat.


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