HOW Aliens Breathe

Before we go into details, we would like to give you a brief summary on how different living things breathe on planet Earth. Also, on natural or established process on making air or oxygen.1. Breathing Mechanism: A system of parts working together wheather natural or established process.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer’

Human breathe by inhale. Air is sucked in through your nose or mouth.

Fish breath by taking water into its mouth and forcing it through the gills passages. It dissolves oxygen.

Air Breaks compressed air powered by an engine that allows air from the storage tank to flow into a cylinder. (Internet research)(credit)

How Aliens breathe? According to “eecom” The Scrutinizer”, theory, the Aliens that have the long head design have their own breathing Mechanism in their Head. A similar device like the air break mechanism. It creates air and pushes it through their body system and releases it through their nose like system. Therefore, Aliens can survive anywhere in the Universe. On the surface of a planet or down in the deep waters. This should explain why Aliens chooses the oceans of planet Earth for their nesting place. But why they choosed the earth? They considered that waters of the earth have its own world. A world of living organisms. But why not mankind Radar Systems Dectector don’t pick them up through their radar system? It is because their space craft outter layer Revolves. It spins and radar systems don’t have the chance to focus on an object that spins. It gets confused. And it lets the spinning object alone. Will they invade the planet Earth?¬† At this time NO!! They have found¬† a place suitable for them which are the waters of the earth. Whereas mankind will call it the New Earth. Do they observe the surface of the earth? YES!! They observe all of the continients and nations that dwells on them. But why they want attack? They are allowing mankind to destroy their ownselves through the domination of control. Remember, control only last awhile. Awhile can be a Thousand years.

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