The Double Barrel Shotgun Look. UFO

The double barrel shotgun like image UFO.

The Double Barrel Shotgun image is the closest explanation we can describe when seen coming down from the Galaxy on November 19, 2018. This huge UFO site was as wide as two blocks, and as long as six blocks. A rectangle shape flat bed tank looking object. Picture how a double Barrel shotgun would look like in an imaginary thought. The two tanks on each side (theory) could have been fuel tanks. Whereas the flat bed top is for landing and refueling. The sound of the object sounded with a huge roaring sound. It was traveling south east.  others have seen this Object, don’t think that you are seeing craziness. Tell someone. You are not alone. 

The Invisible Nation.

  1. “The Invisible Nation”
“eecom” The Scrutinizer” Visits Earth” A Narrative Production.

According to “eecom” The Scrutinizer”, Mankind can only looks for the physical aspects of safety and secure. Even though, they feel the presents of a coming “to be” invasion upon them. Not the Aliens of the outter world, but the present of a small unknown Nation that will rise up against them. But where does it comes from is the Mystery. Should mankind realize that this Nation is from the earth that mankind dwells on. “Yes”, mankind are beginning to realize that the Thoughts that are thought of from the PASS are the thoughts that form To-Be for the future. Then, where will this Nation rise up from or whom will be in charge of this Mystery Nation? The Dome System-B will be in charge. They are from the Ancient Biblical Writing that the Pure in Heart will only see and understand the Functional of the Kingdom of The Divine Spirit. Whearas, they will rule because the Dome System-A power will be prevailed. How??!!, Because Domination can only last for awhile. Whearher it is a Thousand years, it will be Prevailed.

Fiction or Nonfiction is the Reader’s Choice. Question: Do you think they found the Scrutinizers Sattalite System?

Reader Choice, are the Vedios below Fiction or Nonfiction?

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat.

Are these scenes true when “eecom” The Scrutinizer” Visited earth. The defense system searches for the Scrutinizer Sattalite system when the Space craft landed three years ago to deliver a message from a Star called The Bright and Morning Star. Watch the vedios.

!They Make you wanna Gum your Fingers in them don’t They?

They make you want to gum your fingers in them don’t they? Turnip and Collard Greens.

(computer operator and language translated)
Turnip and Collard Greens. Grown on the grounds of EECOM Foundation.

Omcee Sillone from the Galaxy visits homes and their eating Etiquettes. She notice from some Social Groups when it comes to eating Turnip and Collard greens you might as well forget about Dinning Etiquettes. At home of course. Not public. They like to mix corn bread, hot water bread, onions, pickle sauce, and other spices with their dish of Greens. They claims that they don’t taste good unless you eat them with your fingers.

Turnip and Collard Greens. Grown on the grounds of EECOM Foundation.

She also discovered that in southern parts of the globe, a large percentage of social groups eat their home cooked greens with their fingers. She also scrutinized that the hands of mankind was designed for them to utalize it for eating. Wheather you want to dine equittee or not. She acknowledged to all that the fingers is a fork. The palm of your hands are a plate, cup and a holding device to keep. Mankind can use the palm of the hand for a cup to drink water or any other liquid like sustance as well. She also noticed that the fingers are also Utalized for grabbers. Holding the object tight to control. And other Utalized methods for the use of the hands of mankind. (Announcement) Coming soon, The EECOM Foundation will be Hosting an evening of green eating via use of the fingers. Home Grown on the grounds of EECOM Foundation.

Turnip and Collard Greens. Grown on the grounds of EECOM Foundation.

Stay tunned for the exact date. Let do the Turnip and Collard Green finger licking good.!!!!!!!