The Invisible Nation.

  1. “The Invisible Nation”
“eecom” The Scrutinizer” Visits Earth” A Narrative Production.

According to “eecom” The Scrutinizer”, Mankind can only looks for the physical aspects of safety and secure. Even though, they feel the presents of a coming “to be” invasion upon them. Not the Aliens of the outter world, but the present of a small unknown Nation that will rise up against them. But where does it comes from is the Mystery. Should mankind realize that this Nation is from the earth that mankind dwells on. “Yes”, mankind are beginning to realize that the Thoughts that are thought of from the PASS are the thoughts that form To-Be for the future. Then, where will this Nation rise up from or whom will be in charge of this Mystery Nation? The Dome System-B will be in charge. They are from the Ancient Biblical Writing that the Pure in Heart will only see and understand the Functional of the Kingdom of The Divine Spirit. Whearas, they will rule because the Dome System-A power will be prevailed. How??!!, Because Domination can only last for awhile. Whearher it is a Thousand years, it will be Prevailed.

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