“The Wireless Dome Systems” A system that overwhelms the capabilities of Mankind.

The technologies of today’s electronic wireless Systems has put mankind in the Archieve of the highly intelligences that mankind can delivers.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat.

But unfortunately, we regret to discuss to you that the Wireless Dome Systems (head or brain) tops it all. A mechanism that was not built by mankind. A system that will remain a mystery. The heavens(universe) and the earth may pass away, but the mysteries of the wireless dome will remain forever. Mankind can only yield to its abilities and its mysteries. However,mankind has already utallized techniques through ancient writing in order to master the Wireless Dome System. It is called, The Utalization of a World Wide Discipline for which a Religion was based from it. A control system to control the mysteries out put by the Dome Systems. By researching the ancient Biblical Writing of Biblical quotes and its Biblical guidances, its purpose was not to condem the world, but yet the world Might be Saved.

A question to answer within us. Will mankind all become to one according and practice these writing? According to “eecom”The Scrutinizer”, “There must be a new construction. It is called, A New Heaven (universe) and Earth that awaits to come to Pass.


Author: Administrator

Founder and Chief Executive Officer. EST: 1998.