And it was predicted that the world will take these Idealistic of the writings,and the composed vibrated sounds for a wordly Profit.

According to “eecom”The Scrutinizer”,

“eecom” The Scrutinizer’

Mankind will soon start utallizing these works of Idealism for a wordly gain. But what they don’t realize, the Dome Systems-A’s will not be able to utalize them. They will be afraid to vision the thoughts. They will not Tackle them at all. They will turn their Domes away from the writing, and the vibrated tones. Because those works are characterized by Idealism and the unrealistically aiming for perfections. But only the pure and heart will be able to interpret. They are known as the Dome System-B’s. Moreover, they will strive from these works. Because they will utalize these works for the possibilities. ( the creative domes). He also stated that 2/3 (two thirds) of the world’s population are the Dome System-A’s, and 1/3 (one third) of the world’s population are the Dome System-B’s. A Mechanism that was created to challenge the world’s dominations. Will the Dome System-A’s Prevail? The answer is NO! The Dome System-B’s will be the world’s prevailers and they will know that it will only takes a small grain of mustard seed of Faith to challenge back with courage. Only the Dome System-B’s will inheirit the heavens and the earth. ( The Idealistic)

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