EECOM Foundation and EECOM Music Studio, Inc. expresses Happy Birthday to the Author.

Happy Birthday Donald eecom Ellison. (12/28/1952)

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat.


“eecom”The Scrutinizer” gives his comments. The author of me is 66 years old. He spent 30 of his years writing and composing the inner abilities of whom he is. He started his career during the year of 1988. He later created me. “eecom”The Scrutinizer” for his Surrogate. A fictional character for him to talk through. During the year of 1998, he established two Entities. EECOM Foundation and EECOM Music Studio, Inc. Whereas  he Utalized them to fit his creative works of the Arts. He served 35 years of being a public educator, and 50 years as being a minister of music in the national communities. Now he has retired during the year of 2012. These programs was established for him to continuate his previous works in the Religious and Educational framework. He decided to write about the theoretical aspects of life and compose a naturalism of the Aural Arts for mankind to create his home Meditational of Thoughts. Hats off to Donald eecom Ellison. Happy Birthday young man. And may your work be considered as the Readers and Listeners interpretates these work.


Author: Administrator

Founder and Chief Executive Officer. EST: 1998.