(ch-2)They Made A Hit! “Spicee and Pepper” from Koonville, North America.(Vedio Sound Recording down below)

  1. “Down In The Furrow”

Story told by “eecom”The Scrutinizer”.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat.

The Rap artists decided to write a Symbolic piece of lyric by telling the world that it is alright to stay down in the Furrow.(narrow trench between field rows). They used the field rows symbolizing the network of the world.(mankind), And the Furrow symbolizing a trench between two rows. They were born down in the Furrow. Because the farmer sows his seeds on top of the Row; but some of them rolled down to the Furrow. They started to grow like the row turnips and looked just as good. Make you wanna gum your fingers in them already before cooking. But the row turnips looked down on them saying, you are not in our world network. We don’t understand you. You ain’t nothing because you looks like us but ain’t one of us. They were labeled as a misfit, mysterious persons, and an alienated piece of flesh. When they tries to climb upon the row, the row turnips push them back down saying you don’t belong up here. The only time they get on top of the row is when the row turnips want to utalize their creative skills. When the tasks have finished, they Mark them with bad Slanders. This caused the two artists to hurt even more inside than before. They would say they don’t understand us, but we understand them. But what they don’t realize, when it rains, it rains on us as well. Washing allĀ  of the fertilizer down to us. Causing our creativeness to Sprout much stronger.They decided to compose a message to all of the Furrow turnips. Motivating them to accept themselves of whom they are. and not to Create Suicidal Thoughts. Not to use Controlled Drugs to overcome their hurts. Because they are looked at differently. They felt that we can Motivate ourselves by doing something constructed to the world. They wrote the Melody title: “Down In The Furrow”. TellingĀ  the world if you were born in the Furrow, “It will be alright” to stay down in the Furrow. Build your own Empire and accept everyone to be a part of it. The vocalist starts the song with ” I do what you do, just like what you do” stay down. ” I live within the world, but not of the world”, stay down. “We must face the world”, but not live the world”, stay down. “We must face the world”, but not live the world”, stay down. “We must live the way how God made the way”, stay down. “It will be alright over and over through out the entire song. A Strong Motivating Statement that Calms the hurt. And heal the thoughts of whom you are labeled to be. (Vedio Sound Recording down below)(we hope you will enjoy)

Author: Administrator

Founder and Chief Executive Officer. EST: 1998.