(ch-3)The Koonvillian gives “Spicee and Pepper” An Honorary Banquet for Their Success Down in Koonville, North America.

The Honorary Banquet

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat.

“eecom”The Scrutinizer” tells the story. But first, he suggests that the Readers read the previous writing before reading this story on the Blog. 1.The Legendary of “Spicee and Pepper” 2.”They Made A Hit! This will connect you with a clear understanding of this story.

It was during the month of January. A cold evening for this event. The town used the Koonville football field for this occasion.

The limousine showed up. The doors opened. Spicee steps out with her blue squad heels along with her elegant legs. A blue evening gown, blue lipstick, blue diamond earrings, blue diamond necklace, blue diamond bracelet, and blue eye lashes.

Whereas, Pepper stepped out with his brown leather shoes, Royal blue suit, pearl white shirt, gold chain necklace, and a mouth full of nine gold teeth.

As they approached the people, people went dropping back down in their seats because they were getting the swimming in the head from all of that BLUE. They got back on track and the Banquet began.

The banquet was conducted by MS Zodiactress. A strong leader of the community. After the agenda was fulfilled, she requested all of the people to get on the football field and do the “Spicee and Pepper” step dance all in one group. There were big bottoms, small bottoms, narrow bottoms, and no bottoms on the field.

The orchestra began to play.(Video Sound Recording below). By the way “Spicee and Pepper” they made two Hits and solded two million recordings. Now come on and join us.(put your right foot out, put your right foot in, put your left foot out, put your left foot in, shake your bottom and turn to the right.) (Repeat the Steps).(Have fun!!)

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