(ch-4)They Leaves from Koonville, North America back to New York City.(But failed in Love).”Spicee and Pepper”

  1. The Banquet is Over (ch-4)


“eecom” The Scrutinizer’

Story told by “eecom”The Scrutinizer”. Remember, new Readers start from chapter-1 onĀ  the January Archive blog 2019 and read ascending up.

The banquet is over and they are at the near by airport. They boarded the plane and both were sitting together. As the plane started to take off, Pepper laid back in his seat for comfort. He stated to her,”you looked liked a Blue Jay Bird from somewhere with all that blue you had on at the banquet. And she replied to him,” you looked like a smiling Coon with all of that fake gold teeth you had in your mouth at the banquet. Yeah, blow,blow,blow. Pepper lays his head back near her shoulder and went to sleep. Spicee slowly turns her head toward him and said to herself,”what is this”. She turned her back and looked out the plane window for sites to see. But a deep feeling started to create about having feelings for Pepper. No,No! She replieded in her mind. I am not going to let this Slick minded game player get in my head. He would have me like his women back home. Pipping them. No!!!!!!!!

They arrived to New York City. And was glad to get back to their apartment six stories up. All of a sudden, the phone ring. It was their agent stating they will have to go to Europe and South Africa for a performance. Spicee replied to Pepper, I am not going. I am tired. You can do the show by yourself this time. This was to stay at home and Shake these feeling off of her. Pepper boarded the plane for the tour. Spicee walks him to the boarding gate and quickly said good by and have fun OKay!!

She thought she had it made when she gotton back to the apartment. But it gotton stronger on her. Her stomach started to ball inside and her head started to ace with pressure. She fought and she fought, but it gotton stronger and stronger on her. The feeling for Pepper of course. She gets up and goes to the big glass foggy window and started to draw little hearts with arrows through them. What I am doing she replied. I can’t shake this Slick Joker off of me. She replied.

But in the meantime, Pepper was having those feeling for her over in Europe. Saying I know this ain’t right. He wondered why she didn’t come. This made it worse on him as well. The strong Lusting Thoughts about her. They both were listeningĀ  to the Melody, “Ode to New York City”in their heads while this strong mood of Lust addresses the arrows of Love in their minds.

Pepper left the tour early and came back to New York. He says I am going to Surprise her. I am going to knock. She answered the door and as he was standing there,their eye contacts were a contact of gladness. But didn’t want to let on about their feelings.

The Sound Recording was playing.”Ode To New York City”.Pepper looked at Spicee wit a grin and laughed asking her to slow jam with him. She laughed and said OK. As they were slow jamming, Spicee lays her head on his shoulder and gripped him tightly around his neck. He felt the grip of love and slowly turned his head to her ears and kissed them. They both started to express their love to each other and said,” I love you so much” and Blow,Blow,Blow. (Below is the sound recording of the Melody.) You can imagine the rest of the story by listen to the Recording.(Have Fun!!!!!!!)



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