“eecom”The Scrutinizer” discusses Cancer.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer”

“eecom” The Scrutinizer’

discusses the theory of what causes Cancer.

He states that Mankind don’t Sweat or Perspire enough to discharge the fluids that are stored in the body cells. The pores in your skin are there for a reason. They were designed to pass the toxic fluids that are stored in the body cells. Urines and Bowl movements are not all the movements of discharging waste fluids. If the waste fluids stays in the body cells too long, it will create a Funguslike Organism like Slim Modes, and Water Modes which do not belong to Kingdom Fungi. Which grows best in a warm, moist environment. Which the body of mankind produces a warm environment. These Funguslike Organism migrate through the blood stream looking for a home to live. And the most common home will be the Ligaments of the body. These Funguslike organism creates a thing called Cancer. They form in the Ligaments of the Guts, Breast, and Lungs. His final statement was mankind should SWEAT as often as they SHOULD.

The Domination of the Waters: A report shared by: Meoce Elsonil (Mee-Oh-See El-Soh-Neel)

Meoce Elsonil (Mee-Oh-See  El-Soh-Neel)

Shares it’s report

Meoce Elsonil (MEE-Oh-See El-Soh-Neel) who is the fictional character playing the role of another officer of “eecom” The Scrutinizer”. The straw looking hat is his identity.

“Mankind are the world most dominant specie” (internet research) But domination only last awhile in every existent.. In this case awhile can mean thousand of years. But this is not a measurement of what social group dominates today. It’s the measurements of nature takes it’s course. The Scrutinizer theory is that water and it’s contents of species will be the next global domination. Why, the earth itself already have 71 percent of water on it’s surface. And the oceans have at least 96 percent of water. And the species of the waters travel with water. OK.. Let’s discuss mankind. About 60 percent of mankind flesh is water. Water is the dominant factor of the flesh. But if mankind realize, over weight contributes to excess fluid in the bloodstream. This causes the speed up or slow mankind heart rate, and harms our heart muscles. Therefore, the earth is full of; with the domination of the waters. For the waters have flooded our soul, and everything therof.



Mocee Nosille (Moh-See Noh-Si-Lee) shares a report on Cause and Effect.

Mocee Nosille (Moh-See Noh-Si-Lee)

Mocee Nosille ( Moh-See Noh-Si-Lee) A fictional character who is playing the role of “eecom” The Scrutinizer” officer. His identity is the blue hat. They all look alike.(Emojis)

He states, “The primary function of the earth is created by a Cause. A Cause is created by a thought. A thought forms a (To-Be). This creates an Effect. The Effects form itself the way it wants to or it’s results. The Mystery to this is a Phenomena. Therefore, mankind can only scrutinize the Effects. But can’t scrutinize where a Cause comes from. Finally, the question was asked. Why does the author uses music? “Music is the primary source he base his thoughts. Remember, music is a phenomenal science. It is a prime example of what creates a Cause. It is a Natural source that stimulate the Dome System of Mankind.(head system). Sound affects mankind as an Effect. The Effect stimulate an Emotion. The Emotion divids itself into two category. Happy or Sad. And this is the evidents of a result that comes from an Effect. Therefore, music is the supporting tool that is Utalized for a Natural Cause. And then an Effect.



EECOM Foundation Shares The Scrutinizer Report.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” message to the Globe.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat.

The Globa Scrutinizer speaks his Report.

According to ” eecom” The Scrutinizer”Scrutinizing,  ” Only the Pure In Heart will be able to understand the Works of this organization”.” These works are built from the Teaching of The Messiah. But They who allow Envious, Hate Jealous has already proven who they are. But not realizing where they stand in the Body of The Messiah. But the body of the world. This is ” eecom” The Scrutinizer report for the Globe. Should all mankind check themselves out compared to their Religious Creed. All Religious Creed teaches the Compassion of Respecting others compared to their Religious Creed. The Scrutinizer also stated, ” Their is a Divine Spirit that come with the Birth of Mankind. And their is no Mankind can out Slick his Consequences. Because it is the final Scrutinizer who Scrutinizes the Scrutinity to be Scrutinized.

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EECOM Foundation shares a Preview of “Spicee and Pepper” Production. Brought to you by: EECOM Music Studio, Inc.

  • “Spicee and Pepper” Production

A Rap Introduction about who Spicee and Pepper are. Don’t let the cover page fool you. This is only a short preview. (lyric and music) All Rights Reserved.



EECOM Foundation Presents a package of “My Last Debu Musical Melodies” at The Shilo Missionary Baptist Church before Retirement.Donald eecom Ellison

Memories of being the Minister of Music at The Shilo Missionary Baptist Church of Strong, Arkansas.


EECOM Foundation Presents: “A Little Farm In A Bucket”

“A Little Farm In A Bucket”  Should individuals of the Global Communities plant more vegetables in a bucket or plant flowers in a bucket? Whice ever answer you choose is your answer not a persuadsive thought. More and more people are beginning to realize that food is an essential to mankind.

Hats off for the World Wide Farmers who produces food to the World Wide Globe. But what will happen if there ever become a food shortest? Would mankind think rationally and start growing food in a bucket or gardening? Or will they think irrationally and start taking food from the neighborhood? Think about it.

$5000.00 Reward for the Priceless Gem

Collective Jewelry

Collective Jewelry: Value: Priceless:
“eecom” And The Mystery Book. Value: Priceless.: Lost If found, A $5000.00 Reward. Be on the look out. Both items were in traveling bag. Bag where left in taxi cab. If you run a cross these items, you may Email us: Board@eecomfoundation.org or Call- 870-797-2797 departed from Howard Johnson Motel Bronx, 1921 Boston Rd. to Laguardia Airport on August 24, 2017. 


Coming Soon!! The Science Fictional Narrative Production.

Mocee Nosille (Moh-See Noh-Si-Lee) A fictional character who is acting the role as “eecom” The Scrutinizer” Officer. He is identified as the one with the blue hat.
Meoce Elsonil (MEE-Oh-See El-Soh-Neel) who is the fictional character playing the role of another officer of “eecom” The Scrutinizer”. The straw looking hat is his identity.
“eecom” The Scrutinizer” is the Commanding Officer of all. His identity is the black hat. 

WINDOW: what sites does Mankind looks for through the window?


Window. Property of EECOM Foundation

Looking through and beyond the sites from the window. Should Mankind look beyond the sites through the window? Or should Mankind look from the sites through the window? Some would say, we look for what we want to see from the sites through the window. Others would say, we look for what is shown to us from the sites through the window.

Window. Property of EECOM Foundation

Narrative Production II, “eecom” The Scrutinizer” What’s your opinions? Is it Fiction or Non Fiction?

This piece of Vibrated Tones “eecom” The Scrutinizer” Scrutinizing is used in the Narrative Production Utalized as a scanning instrument Scrutinizing the Dome Systems. Notice the lower tones are acting as a pulse and the upper tones are acting as a Scanner. This production was taken from the Manuscripts: “eecom” The Scrutinizer”, and “eecom” and The Dome Systems of Mankind. All Rights Reserved.

Why did a Black Composer Address a Musical ODE to The Bronx, New York City, LaGuardia Airport,and (TSA) Transportation Security Administration?


Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Go to the above URL address and find the Social Media Blog. Year 2017. A special thank submitted by Donald eecom Ellison on Thursday, 2017-08-24. time 15:58. After you read the Blog story with the regards of Special Thanks coming from a Blackman. The LaGuardia Airport Security, and the TSA help me so professionally, you would have addressed a thank you via musical medolies. That if you are a composer. Now. This is why Musical Ode: Bronx, New York was dedicated to New York . I am still saying Thank Y’all. Go ahead and listen to it below. We hope you enjoy.



Topic: Testing your eye sight observations.

A page specifically for you to see. Notice the chicken scratch drawing. But there are three objects that were not the intentions of the author. 1.look up to your right. A natural looking picture. 2. look left in the middle, notice the face of a man winkling one of his eyes. 3. look straight down. You will see a man like object lying on the ground. Many more mystery sites similiar to these in the “Mystery Book”

The Hand Written Mystery Book shows some of the contents in the book. The hold entire book have some phenomena that have not been published. The author utalizes some of the chapters into Manuscripts. Which have been published. The illustrations in the book mostly consist of mystery pictures. Theses pictures designed themselves on their on.Example, the author mixes all kinds of colors together more as abstracts intentions for old ancient designs, but colors did not take the intentions but instead formed their own courses. This is how the book gained its title ” EECOM and The Mystery Book. The book contains Mystery Sites. Look at the old castle design building. Notice in the window, there is a face of a man looking out of the window. Notice the next picture with the cabin in the woods. Watch closely, there is an image of a man standing in front of the door. The chicken scratch drawing of the cabin is the author’s drawing. But some how, a natural site of a man standing in the door like it was taken with a camera of a real man.

Nevertheless, the author went from there as becoming a Mystery writer. As the slide show begins, watch for the natural objects look compared to the chicken scratch drawing from the author. The Mystery Book was Created during the year of 2008. For ten years, the author has been writing Mystery Stories.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” Gives his best Regards to The Farm Industry.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” voyages over the North America Continent. He noticed alot of farmlands. He realized that Mankind needs food. Food is the major energy source for Mankind. He gives his comments: The Most outstanding Industry of this Globe is The Farm Industry. The Most Outstanding Laborer are The Farmers, and Local Food Growers. And his last Regard is, Does Mankind Realizes That?

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” makes a Comment on The Row Turnips and The Furrow Turnips.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” comments on the Parable Story of the Turnips born on Top of the Row, and the Turnips born in the Furrow of the Row. Stating,”There’s a time when Mankind stands up with Courage and Fight Back.”

Phenomenal Science Catergory: “eecom”The Scrutinizer” Probeing Satellite System.

“eecom” The Scrutinizer” Probe Satellite System. Notice how it moves around in wide range circles. Each light blink has a different color. The background music was attached to the Vedio by us. The Theory is that this Probe is Probering the Seven Continents. Some viewers states,” While the Seven Continents are using mordern Technologies to probe the Globe themselves, some thing out there is probing them. In your on opinions, you might say, is this Fiction or Non Fiction? That is the question.

The Guilts of The Thumbs Down.

This is the Revised speech where “eecom” The Scrutinizer” makes it


comments: 1.Why did the Primary Speech at this time had a Thumbs Down? According to ,”eecom”The Scrutinizer” observation, the listener is a Dome System-A. He realized that the Turnips on Top of the Row refers to him. The Speech is innocent. It did not Descriminate no one who listen to the Speech. They identified themselves without focusing that this possibly could be me. The Turnips on Top of the Row. They just acted as we expected through our observation on how mankind react to something pertaining to them. Therefore, we scrutinized that this person is a Dome System-A. Who is a dominator, taker, and who is designed to corrupt the movements of the world. “eecom” The Scrutinizer” steps in and tell the World” There’s a time when Mankind must Stand up with Courage and fight back. Continue reading “The Guilts of The Thumbs Down.”