These are the three Systems of the Veen Diagrams we work with Regarding the Dome Systems of Mankind. Dome-A= Unstable, B=Stable, and AB= The Third Party fighting for either one of the previous Domes. Most people will interpreted this Dome as their Religious Faith and Creed. If you have questions regarding the previous footages of the Dome Systems, login and ask your inquries.

The Five Manuscripts taken from The Contents of “eecom” and The Mystery Book”. You will see that on each Manuscript, the genre of the Manuscripts labeled as Fictional. This is because we allows the readers to base their own Opinions. Although, everything label fiction don’t means it is not real. We leave it up to the public readers to determine whether it’s Fiction or Non Fiction

The Veen Diagram below illustrates the Theory of “eecom” The Scrutinizer” explains that there are two kinds of Mankind. Dome System-A and Dome System-B. (Dome System means Head or Brain System of Mankind). He also based a Theory regarding How Alzheimer is developed. According to “eecom” The Scrutinizer”, Mankind is born with the phenomena. By observing the Vedio footage below, Dome System-A would be the candidate for this phenomena. He also stated in his Theoretical observation that you can see the Systems in the growing of child hood. Leave your comments.

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